Change is all around us. But not all of us handle change well. In fact, we tend to view it negatively, when in fact, change can provide us with some amazing life experiences, knowledge and connections with individuals we might not have met!

Tony gets to the heart of why change is so hard for some of us and how we can create a new perspective about change, using his own life experiences.

Here are just a few of the ways The Book of Change can impact your life:

  • Through real world experiences Tony shares how to overcome any life challenge to create the positive change you need in your life
  • Tony reveals 7 essential must do techniques to make sure you go through Change with an evolutionary purpose
  • This book gets you to make a plan and take action to move through change and create your desired future
  • The Book of change discloses the importance of mindset through challenges and how to use specific exercises to keep you from spiraling into a negative state of mind

As part of the human condition, we all deal with change. For some of us, it has a greater negative impact than others. Tony's strategies for dealing with change can make anyone change their perspective from change being a negative to a positive!

Martin Spieker
Trial lawyer, Vancouver

If you are looking for practical guidance in dealing with life changing events or just the everyday change we encounter, then this is the book. Tony's real life experiences make his strategies come alive in a way that makes them practical and easy to implement.

Mark Grimes
Toronto City Councillor, Toronto

Life is about constant change. Tony gives you real world strategies to take you from being fearful of change to being excited about the possibilities that change brings. If you want an enjoyable read with practical strategies for your life, then this is that book!

Bruce Croxon
Entreprenuer, Toronto

Success takes effort, but on that journey, we all encounter a bump or two that makes us reevaluate where we are headed. Tony's approaches help us to see those bumps as ways to grow instead of obstacles keeping us from moving forward. His book helps you to see change in a different light and I loved it!

Alex Debogorski
Author, Ice Road Trucker, Yellowknife

In an era where change is a constant, almost daily occurrence, Tony's strategies and real life experiences are both relatable and practical for individuals at all the points of their life journey. His friendly style and the knowledge that he has been there, done that, makes his tactics even more appealing!

Mike Schryer
Author – The Facebook Phenomenon, Toronto

With practical insight, Tony delves into how we make change work for us by sharing tactics that he used throughout his life. His writing grips you, while being relatable. You feel he understands what you are going through, because he has been there! No matter what change you are dealing with, Tony's strategies can work for you!

Dave Brown
Actor, Xmen, Winnipeg

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